The Journey

Born in 2015 in Portland, OR, Fitlandia audaciously emerged into the crowded fitness and wellness arena with a foundation in one philosophy:

In order to transform the body, one must first transform the mind.

This philosophy evolved from long-time hospitality veteran, Christa King and her own transformational journey that began in 2012 after finding herself completely burned out, with coping mechanisms working against her potential v towards it.

After reaching her highest weight of 192 lbs, feeling burned out, and lost, Christa embarked on her own healing journey, leaving behind a successful 23-yr career.

Within four months of attending a healing retreat in Sedona, AZ, Christa became a certified hypnotherapist, second-time life coach, and later went on to become a nutritional therapist.

By putting these pieces together, she saw what was sorely missing in the diet and fitness industry a holistic approach that incorporates what she calls, "The Four Cornerstones of Fitness," which include:

  • good nutrition

  • daily movement

  • mindset mastery

  • community connection

What truly sets Fitlandia apart, are the Mind Zoning® Meditations uniquely designed to address the root cause of unwanted behaviors, while also leading people on a journey of powerful healing and self-discovery through guided visualizations.

In 2018, Christa took her online programs and developed Corporate Wellness offerings to address the lack of unique solutions that support both onsite and remote employees.

In 2020, Christa will bring together her two passions: resort & luxury Revenue Management and wellness with a mission to bring transformational and profitable programming to the world.  Her dream is to reach and assist others in their own, profound healing journey as they step out of their day-to-day chaos, and access their true potential.

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Giving Back

Staying true to "community connection" as one of its Four Cornerstones of fitness, each year Fitlandia selects a local, national, and global organization to reserve a percentage of its net profits to support. 

For 2019, Fitlandia has chosen The Oregon Humane Society, ACLU, and Charity Water to support.

When you work with us, you work with the world.