New Year’s Revolution: 11 Ways Hotels Can Support Resolutions

I have a love/hate relationship with resolutions. Don’t we all? We set out the new year with our best of intentions to shift our energy away from the things we don’t like about ourselves towards goals we can envision for ourselves. Yet 80% of us will fail.

Typical resolutions include losing weight, exercising more, making time for self-care, getting to bed earlier, be less stressed, etc. But there are a few really big missing pieces to the success puzzle that without incorporating, pretty much guarantee failure.

They include setting realistic, measurable goals; changing our mindset (literally) to re-write old patterns that no longer serve us; and making healthy habits easy to access and maintain, particularly during travel.

Let’s be honest, while many hotels and resorts offer a basic fitness facility and/or quasi-healthy food options, rarely are they digging in to provide a level of services and facilities that truly support major transformations. Here’s an easy list on how they can support their guests’ journeys:

Top 11 Ways Hotels Can Support Resolutions

1. Provide engaging, innovative fitness solutions (The Mirror, Peloton Bikes)

2. Develop wellness rooms outfitted with fitness equipment

3. Curate movement options that occur off-property to provide variety

4. Deliver group workouts that can be adjusted for all levels of fitness

5. Make healthy eating easy with menu items designed to fit the top dietary strategies:

  • Ketogenic

  • Paleo/AIP

  • Vegan/Vegetarian

  • Mediterranean

  • Gluten-free

6. Offer healthy culinary classes

7. Be unique with including meditation classes and custom meditations that fit with the property

8. Upgrade spa services with guided, relaxation meditations

9. Provide innovative experiences like 360-degree meditation videos for guests to take home and relive their experience and deepen the effect

10. Deliver workshops, retreats and events to foster transformations

11. Create community spaces for guests to play and connect with each other

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