Resorts are Wasting Wellness Dollars Without This One Thing

In 2017, the wellness economy was a $4.2 trillion-dollar market, with wellness tourism making up $639 billion dollars of that pie, according to the Global Wellness Institute. So of course, resorts are hungry to get into the arena, as they should be. More and more guests are demanding transformational retreats, healthy meal options and fitness programming that supports their desire to improve their health and well-being.

But just as the diet industry is missing one key component, so do many resorts as they curate their amenities and services.

It All Starts with the Mind

Wellness vacations can certainly be transformative, but more often than not, when a guest gets home, old patterns and bad habits fall right back into place as people return to their normal routine, schedule and relationships.

Ninety to ninety-five percent of our behavior is driven our unconscious mind, so while we may consciously want to return home refreshed, renewed and a changed person, it just isn’t possible until we literally change our brain’s wiring and create new neural pathways to change our behavior.

Solutions to Help

All is not lost without programming that addresses the mind. The seeds of health begin with elevated nutritional options and movement classes on their own.

But if resorts are truly looking to maximize their wellness programming and increase guest satisfaction with further lasting results, then they have to go deeper.

Here are five, low-cost ways you can incorporate mental fitness into your offerings:

  • Provide quiet meditation space with ambient spa music and meditation seatsAdd guided meditation classes and/or workshops on mental well-being to your activities’ list

  • Provide tech-free and quiet zones where guests are invited to go “off the grid” for a time, giving their mind a break

  • Leave a journal, pen and basic tips for effective journaling beside their bed at turndown

  • Place hidden signs of affirmations around the property and build out a scavenger hunt for them to discover

Standout from the competition and delight your guests with a “next-level” experience they’ll surely talk about for years to come.

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