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Mind Zoning®

Imagine your guests getting an immersive connection with your destination; body, mind, and soul. 

Our custom meditations are designed specifically for your property to deliver a transformative experience at the neural level.

Our Process

Fitlandia is 100% committed to understanding and protecting your brand identity throughout this process. Together we'll ensure the content, tone, flow and objective of the * custom meditations fits the demographics of your customer. We're also here to help you market the offering with collateral design ideas and operational considerations to get maximum engagement.
Sample MZ

Sample Mind Zoning® for Yourself

The *custom meditations Fitlandia creates will, on average range from 10 minutes to 30 minutes in length. In some cases, we may find an opportunity to do a maximum 1-hr recording. To get a sense of Christa's meditation style, please sample the Mind Zoning® below:  
Whole-Life ManifestationChrista King
00:00 / 26:39
* Every resort receives 10 meditations in their bundle; 5 standard and 5 that are 100% customized to and for your resort's exclusive use. The meditations are granted a 1-year usage license, pricing dependent on the number of keys.
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